A Traditional Christmas Feast



Choose two main proteins from the selection below. All Christmas feasts come with pull a part bread with seaweed butter to start, sides of honey glazed carrots, potato gratin, seasonal greens and tomato pomegranate salad, and brandy snaps and pavlova for dessert.

Your Christmas feast has instructions for you to finish on Christmas Day. Total preparation and cooking time 1.5 - 2 hours which is mostly made up of heating time.

Feeds 6-8 guests

Choose Two of Proteins from the below:
Free-range Harmony ham, maple glaze
House-cured Big Glory Bay salmon, horseradish crème fraiche
Rolled free-range porchetta, stuffed with herbs, garlic and chilli, pineapple moustada, jus
Te Mana slow-cooked lamb shoulder, olives, harissa and yoghurt

Sides All Included
Honey glazed carrots, almonds and thyme
Potato gratin
Seasonal greens with herb butter
Tomato and pomegranate, salad tomatoes, peppers and pomegranate molasses

Ostro pavlova, seasonal berries, Lewis Road Cream
Brandy snaps, Lewis Road Cream

Available for pick up on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December. If you require your feast earlier for a pre Christmas celebration then please contact our team after placing your order. Once you have ordered our team will be in touch to confirm your pick up date and time.

A Traditional Christmas Feast

Ostro xmas feast