Statement from Savor Group on the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy scheme

Savor Group

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges for many in our community.

As a hospitality business, the current Alert Level 4 lockdown has had an immediate and significant impact on our operations and employees, with all of our venues remaining closed.

Savor Group’s highest priority has always been, and remains, our employees.

As a responsible employer, we are fully compliant with all relevant NZ workplace legislation and the terms of our employment agreements with all employees.

All subsidies received by Savor Group under the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy August 2021 scheme have been paid to employees in line with our obligations.

In addition, Savor Group has provided assistance to employees out of company funds, bringing our total wage bill over the period to 125% of the subsidy received.

To provide additional support for our employees, at the onset of Level 4 restrictions Savor established a financial hardship fund from company reserves, whereby employees are able to take annual leave in advance, cash-in holiday pay or access money directly from that fund.

As the take-up of that fund has not been as anticipated, the board has approved a portion of those funds to be used for top-up payments to these employees who have previously received a subsidy payment for their contracted hours. These funds are company funds over and above the subsidy received.

As part of our ongoing commitment to employee well-being at this difficult time, the financial hardship fund will remain available. Savor Group employees are also able to access our employee assistance program – an entirely confidential and free of charge support service administered by a specialist third party provider.

Savor Group supports the responsible easing of restrictions and we look forward to the opportunity to welcome our employees and customers back to our venues.